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August 14, 2005


Lauren Muney

It's interesting that you note connections to judo in regards to presentation. I frequently note connections to aikido, due to my minor associations in the aikido world. Aikido is about harmony (its name means "the way of harmony" or "the way of love"), and its harmonious interactivity between participants certainly reflects what you describe here.

In aikido, the opponent has a place of respect and care: one does not dislike the opponent; in fact, he/she is the method for one to discover him/herSELF. Aikido is about bettering oneself.

Being 'onstage' can be akin to being "attacked" (you are wide open, others are waiting for your success or failure, it can be nervewracking, etc), so the martial arts lessons are very applicable.

Lauren Muney
Laurel, MD, USA

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