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September 09, 2005


Dimitar Vesselinov

Steve Jobs: Master of the Demo


Thanks, Dimitar. I've included that link now in the main body. Good stuff.

Diego Rodriguez

This blog is incredible.


Bobby Kolev

Not so sure why are you all so excited about all this.

It is very easy to be simple and elegant when a) you're already heavily successful and b) your success is focused in a single tiny point.

Don't get me wrong, I do not anyhow want to underscore what Apple has done. My point is that the iPod and the related iTunes business were THE topic for Apple this past year. It's darn simple and easy to stress on numbers there.

But it's also important to find out whether the people wathing the presentationa actually learned anything beside what they already knew from the mainstream newspapers.
I didn't see Jobs' presentation, but there was little, if anything, from the above screenshots, that I didn't know.

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