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January 21, 2006


CM Harrington

Wow, that's really amazing. I *hope* the audience didn't let his age and stature diminish his message. I've found that being either very young, or very old counts against you in such situations. "Oh, what could he possibly teach me, he's XXX years old". It's crap, but it happens. Personally, I think I can learn from everyone, and you'll get something out of an experience by keeping an open mind.


I like the white turtleneck jumper,very classy... Jobs would be proud :)

Gary S. Stager

This is fabulous!

You should check out the class that helped prepare Sam to be such a leader at the age of nine - www.genyes.com


That is great. I'm glad people are still learning from John Dewey. Developing creativity and confidence in the young as well as the old is a great reminder to those of us who have been doing this stuff for a while. BTW, I had a pretty big presentation this weekend to about 800 people and used so much from your site. Thanks for sharing your passion and wisdom in presenting. It has helped me so much.


I don't know, this seems a little Jon Bennet Ramsey-ish - like little girls prancing around in sexually provacative clothing. Perhaps this child will be wildly successful as an adult, but on the other hand, perhaps not. The experience a child gets from free play pays huge dividends later in life - innovation, creativity, etc. Why can't we let kids be kids?

Cthulhu Geek

Wow, thanks for reminding me about "Begginer Mind", I have not thought about that in a long time, lateley I feel I have been viewing all things from the grizled veteran out look, making judgements based on my past experience and not on what is happening right now. And if stay clear of past, and seeing everying for the first time, since that what is happening, there might not be room for judgements at all just living and experiening. Thanks for the reminder.


Gary Yardlee

Lucky for the young Sam Kraplan, 2 pushy parents - or was that bad luck? Mum and dad you need to work on his Kraplans computer skills, well try making a web page... Oh Boy!!!

Gary Yardlee

PS: I wonder if the child Kraplan can throw a ball? And run around in a park like all kids his age should be doing?

"Sam rehearsed a lot" - I bet he does but with the wrong toys!


It's the 2006's!!! I think this child is headed in the right direction. Some children discover early where their talents lie and why not get experience and practice in those areas? Remember Brenda Lee and Shirley Temple and others? Let this boy lead the way, and let kids be aware they don't have to be a star or performer to begin dabbing their toes into a possible career. Let's hope more kids follow the pathway that Sam started. If he can do this well, all the more power to him. (I'll bet he can throw a ball better than a lot of kids at home playing on-line or TV games.)

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