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February 23, 2006



I happened to see this wonderful blog.Thanks a lot, Garr!

I enjoyed your articles very much, and I am going to buy an apple.

Ben Helps

Cute title - was that intentional?

Heidi Miller

It is so true. If you've ever watched jugglers perform, you know that the banter and wit that comes out when they drop a pin is often more engaging than the actual performance. In fact, my favorite troupe, the Flaming Idiots, have elevated the pin-drop banter to an art form.

That is, the way you deal with technology glitches or verbal farts shows much more about your skill as a presenter than a perfect presentation would.


It simply great posts out here in your blog.
One thing I liked the most is all your writings on subject are more practical and result oriented .
Would definitely continue learning a lot from your stuff !!

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