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August 06, 2006


russ stalters

Great post Garr. I agree completely.
One thing that frustrates me when I am asked to present is when I arrive and find that the only microphone available is tethered to the podium on the Dias. I have two choices. First try and see if they can find a lavalier microphone so I can move around and connect with the audience. Or the other choice is to make sure people in the back of the room will be able to hear me without a microphone and I up the volume and projection of my voice.
In many cases I am one of many invited speakers and we do not have much influence over the room set up. Normally if I do have an opportunity to control the room set up I make sure they know I want a lavalier so I can come off the Dias and connect with the audience.
Do you have any other suggestions?

Guy Kawasaki

You flatter me by listing me as an exception.

I like to have podiums because I want my Macintosh near me, so that I can control the slide changes. I use a remote so that I can leave the podium, but I do not trust a remote to control a computer backstage nor do I trust an AV tech watching for a light to blink.

As for mikes, I now have a rider in my contract that stipulates that the venue provides a bodypack that is compatible with my Countryman E6i. I have bought one of these and take it to my speeches, so there are no excuses that there's no wireless mike.


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