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October 09, 2006


Johan Horak

This a great example of using visual mediums to compliment the speech. And not bullet points to cause a "brain dump".

Well done.

Johan Horak


As Italian I can confirm both that Marco's ppt was great and that Presentation Zen is becoming THE blog to look for when it comes to "communicate through presentation".


Good day.
And do you have variant for Russian or Germain users?
wbr Revan

Steve Roesler

Nice example. We once conducted a presentations training programme for a corporate business group whose members came from both China and Brasil. Neither group was fluent in English. It was designed and delivered in a way that was amazingly understandable. Marco's presentation has the same impact.


Steve Roesler

Gabriele Barni

Motto: No "brain dump" allowed.

E' la prima volta che vedo una presentazione così a "raffica" e coinvolgente. Quasi poesia recitata a memoria.. complimenti davvero.


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