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October 18, 2006


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Scott Schwertly

Thanks for another great post on presentation design. I have been applying your principles of using powerful visuals with minimal text for quite some time, and it has worked really well.

I am now starting to play with motion video backgrounds (i.e. time lapse, moving backgrounds) with my presentations. Pulling videos from sites like Veer.com have really jazzed up my slides which are normaly built with iStockPhoto photos. The videos worked particularly well with transitioning to a new topic or subject matter.

Thanks again for the great post.


Thanks to inspiring me to make every single presentation that I made more meaningful for the audience and me. Know own, I am trying to touch the mainstream with the way the scientific presentation show.

Miniature of Earth is a remarkable self-presentation to ask all people deepest heart “Do we appreciate what we have?”


Great post, as usual. I am doing business presentation and now I am use only this kind o "slides".


This post is awesome!!! I loved it. I have been also using your presentation methods since I am a presenter but for a long time I didn't know what to use in order to improve my slides. This ideas you share here are exactly what I needed and they're making my presentations much more powerful. I even counsel and make presentations for some friends who have their own businesses. Thank you!

Balaji M


What an impact that this presentation produces for its audience. Wonderful.

Without a shred of doubt Thank you very much.

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