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November 03, 2006


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Japanese is (I recall) interesting from a linguistic point of view in that it has lots of onomatopoeaic words that are not things like Bam and Boom but are actually more useful.

I wonder if people use these kind of verbal punctuations instead of using hand gestures. Of course you could go Bam *and* wave your hands....


I have noticed how Jobs always uses "Boom!" in his speech before, when I first saw the WWDC keynote.

Onomatopoeia is actually a greek word that means "making of words".

Russell Greenwood

You might enjoy this site someone has setup http://www.boomcounter.org - see you there next Stevenote...

Jeff Langr

Steve appeared no less annoying than someone who says "like" all the time, or "So..." at the start of every sentence. It cheapens the effect to use it so often, much like a modern action movie with explosions throughout.

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