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January 17, 2007



That was awesome!

Jim McGee

Brilliant! Absolutely made my day.


Genius! Stream of consciousness style, "écriture automatique"! At least, that's my interpretation.

Michael Chui

That's Jessica Hagy. =P And her site is awesome, too.

David Baker

I have been a big fan of Indexed for a bit now. Very much worth checking out


Check out www.slideshare.net, I use it and happy that I do.


Berin Lorisch

Incredimazing. I couldn't help but laugh out loud, and that's kind of frowned upon by some in my office. :)


My only hope is that people get the irony here and understand that while this may be , (I'm not sold) a fun short film and commentary, it is not a good presentation.

Far too much unrelated and incidental processing required for people to actually get the point.

The sad reality is that many of your readers are going to brief their preso crew to create their next budget presentation using this kind of animation. Their audience (and I'll bet the vast majority of people that watched this vid only once) will love what they saw, but forget what they heard...!

Lee McEwan


Thanks. I was just about to wake up our graphics team in India to start work on a copycat version but I won't now that you've said that.

Hansjoerg Schneider

Great aritcle, very useful.

Niko Neugebauer

Amazing one, thanks Garr!

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