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January 29, 2007


John Caddell

I cringe when I read these tortured "Let me explain myself" apologies. They usually just make things worse. I don't think these are limited to Japan, since I hear these in the US every week, usually from an athlete in trouble or a politician.

What's so difficult about saying, "I'm sorry that I said what I did. It was a dumb mistake."??


I agree John, and btw great post on this topic, as you live in Japan it hits harder than here in the States.

I was curious, I heard from various sources that there is goverment subsidies in Japan to encourage women to have children to offset this declidng birthrate, is this true?

I agree through, it reminds me of the newspapers arguing whether bloggers are journalists is the problem to the newspapers instead of saying that the problem is Google is a better advertiser than the newspapers (borrowed from Cory Doctorow). Same here, instead of saying the problem is declining birthrate it should be that there is no support structure setup to accomodate would be or existing parents that want to have children.

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