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January 14, 2007



Great Garr! Some additional great insights that nobody else has. If only corporate communicators could "get it."
Thanks, Bert

David Marsh

Good summary Garr, I watched the keynote and as soon as I saw Stan pull out those cards a big "uh-oh" went off in my head and I was sure that I'd read about it here a few days later. I even made my wife watch the bit when Jobs clicker stopped working :)

Are CEOs unapproachable and people who work for them are too afraid to tell them how bad they are at presenting? The CEO of my workplace gives a talk once a month to about 2000 people, and it's a regular snooze fest, filled with boring stats (complete with unreadable small-font spreadsheets) and bad jokes that fail to get even a polite chuckle.

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