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February 08, 2007



Dear Garr,

I'd like to come to see you at your presentation in the future.

PS:When you'll come to China? There're lots of apple stores too.

Mohit Chhabra

And please include India too. Apple stores here are few but I am sure we could work something else out.


Please include Hamburg on your list.



Can you publish your presentation onyour site, so that we could take a look?

I mean those of us who are not able to visit your seminar.

Thank you in advance,


Toronto would be tight!


I'll defintely join in the session in Tokyo..any plan??;-)

Lauren Muney

Will you videotape the presentation and then stream it or You-Tube? Sounds like a great presentation, and Washington DC is soooo boring right now. We need some positive energy, and nekkid-ness seems like the right thing right now (kidding - I mean Naked Presenting)


Hope you come to london soon! I agree it would be cool to see a you tube video meanwhile..

Dvir Reznik

Garr, I think it was Todd Watson (from IBM Texas) who first linked to your blog in one of his posts, and the rest is known.
I used some of your ideas in recent presentations I had, and the responses were great! I Particularly liked your post about where to find quality images... and how to make an image touch your audience's feelings.

I can't join your lecture in Japan (although god knows I'd like to), but I'd love to attend one of your future seminars. If you ever come to Israel - let me know. Don't think we have an Apple store here, but there are other gadgets stores here, and the 2nd largest hi-tech industry (after the US), with over 3,000 companies.

Thanks again for all your insights.


J. B. Rainsberger

Garr, if you do come to Toronto, I beg of you to do it before the middle of June! We are moving to southwestern Manitoba soon thereafter, and I'd quite enjoy meeting you. There are 2 Apple Stores from which to choose here. :)

Bill Kinnon

Toronto could definitely use some Presentation Zen.

Jed Christiansen

Hello, Garr.

I'm a long-time fan of your site, and would absolutely love to hear you speak in London! Please post whenever you do those kind of events, and I think you might be surprised by the turnout! (I can guarantee that I'll be bringing anyone and everyone I can to a London event.)


Garr, is that picture really you? I would LOVE to see you present NAKED!! Hit me up, guy.

Helge Seekamp

I am a very interested reader of your blog, transferring many hints into the german context (as pastor of a church! Very inspiring for my. My vision: a christian church with designfactor:-).
If your are coming to Germany, welcome!
Helge Seekamp


Greetings from Lithuania and thanks for lots of useful tips!


I'd love to see you in Toronto. Thanks for your dedication to this site.

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