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July 28, 2007



Hi Garr,
It's very interesting to read what progress you make with your book! I'm looking forward to seeing also the result of your hardworking period.

Berin Loritsch

You've discovered the biggest challenge and frustration of writing a book. The next biggest is finding time while working on a project and spending time with your family...

That said, I've had a contract for one book and approached another company with an idea for a different book. The first book never saw the light of day, not because I couldn't write about it, but because the opportunity passed before I was done. (It was for an open source project, and the community self destructed while I was writing the book).

The second book idea I have is not nearly so sensitive to timing. The problem? I have to explain abstract things like elegance and simplicity in a way where developers "get it" and can start doing it themselves. I've written and rewritten the first chapter about five times now, and I'm still not happy with it.

Based on my last experience (the book that was canceled), once you get past the first couple of chapters you'll find your rhythm and voice and it will become a lot easier. It's just not coming easy to me. I'm sure that you are wrestling with the same things, just a different application.


I like your site & am interested in the way you are letting this project unfold publically.

But: MOVE THAT COFFEE CUP before you kick it onto your laptop!

Olivier Germain

Look at it this way: now that the last Harry Potter is out, what do we have to look forward to reading ? Your book ! So this is important, get back to work, drink more coffee, and hire a secretary to take care of the mundane tasks !
Good luck.

Mou Mukherjee


I love your blog, I reference it a lot. It covers presentation in a holistic, inspirational, and informative way. I will definitely pick up a copy of your new book when it is released.

Nice pictures of your works space and view!


Nice feet.

Steve Nguyen

Garr: I was wondering what Mac application you're using to write your book?


Hello Garr,

Your site is awesome, very useful, and always interesting to read. I have been dreaming about and working on a couple book projects for more than a year. It is challenging many days to complete even a single page or short chapter. My biggest difficulty is getting a wholistic picture of the project and this makes it difficult to work on the smaller pieces. Unfortunately, what usually happens is...nothing. Hence, the years click by and little progress has been made. I hope your project is going better than that.

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It's great to compose a book and let other people know whats on your mind.


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