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August 09, 2007


Julio Gorgé

Steve really puts most CEOs to shame. As you say, he might be a true swordsman, so powerful, that is even able to create a Reality Distortion Field(r) by himself.

A very interesting blog and a good read.

Robert Smelser

I know I'm excited about the voiceovers and the Smart Builds, the latter of which (like reflections) I'm going to have to be careful not to overuse!

Mike Sporer

When talking about "the mind that is no mind", I thought of the movie "The Legend of Bagger Vance". In it, they speak of being in the "field". It applies to so many parts of life! Steve Jobs is in the "field". This posting is right on....


@Garr: What I have always wanted to ask you: do you practice Zen? I ask this question not only because of posts like this one and the name of your blog but also because of personal interest.

Viv Ilo

Garr, can you protect it; a Keynote 8 presentation? That is always the one challenge with PowerPoint is not being able to protect it from editing.


I love that you zeroed in on my two most favourite slides of the whole presentation. The Dell mess of cables vs the iMac all-in-one just paints the whole Apple simplicity strategy so emphatically.

Sounds like voiceover recording in Keynote could replace Garageband as many people's favourite podcasting tool. Also love the instant alpha channel function. That's gotta be a real timesaver.

marcel bernet

hello garr - wow and thanks. must get the new keynote asap. i have spent hours fumbling with screen capture, imovie and other helpouts to make short movies showing how things can be done. now keynote will be the software to do just this. amazing the section where a movie is played and your voiceover still works.

and of course your zen connotations are perfect. your post and the video can be found on my blog this afternoon. and it would be great to meet you - whenever you happen to be in europe, switzerland maybe?


Steve Jobs' presentation is undoubtfully fantastic and I thought nobody will disagree. The most powerful part is he could present all he wants to speak and without looking back to the screen. If we want to make fantastic and powerful presentation, we must act the same as him. Don't look back. However, I don't know what method he could do this because even keynote has "one advance" function, he still needs to look into the mac but he does not. Therefore, if anyone could tell how he could remember all the presentation materials it would be fantastic.


@Paul: there probably is a second display in front of the stage that Steve is looking at while talking.

Rowan Manahan


The Kendo master, the prima ballerina, the swan, the great presenter ... they all have one thing in common.

They make what they do look effortless.

The vast majority of people I work with on presentation skills understand the level of thought, prep and sweat that is involved in producing and delivering a top-end presentation; but very few of them have the humility to actually put the hours in.

Every one of the top-class presenters I have worked with will religiously set aside huge chunks of time to rehearse. These are urbane, knowledgeable, confident people; absolute masters of their topic; who will still spend 50 hours honing a one-hour delivery. And they do this every time they have to present new material. (Damian Conway's thoughts on this are always worth noting.)

Steve has become one of the greats because he surrounds himself with top-end techies, graphics people and uses the best presentation software that's out there. And he obviously blocks out huge chunks of time in advance of his major presentations for rehearsal. But I would bet that among that team, he has one person he REALLY listens to.

U2 bring an old school friend called Gavin Friday (a great artist in his own right) on tour with them. For the early shows, Gavin sits in the audience with a notebook and jots down what's working and what's not. And because he has known all of the band since they were kids, when he gives them unvarnished feedback, they REALLY listen to him.

I wonder who Steve's 'unvarnished truth' person is?

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