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October 26, 2007


andrew h

[quote] The cover is done, but Mayumi will use her expertise in typography to kern some letters/adjust tracking, etc. in the "presentationzen" title. It is subtle, but it matters. [/quote]

Agreed, those small details matter. What would be nice for some to see the mods made by your designer Mayumi. Any chance you can post (when available) 'before and after', or 'sketch thru final' shots of your cover?


Charles Martineau

indeed! duarte website is great! there's a lot of great presentations in their portfolio where you can you get some influence for your next prez!

Ian Thomas

Plenty of great pumpkin designs there, but methinks someone got hold of Pumpkinmaster's Pumpkin Carving Kit and shared around the booklet of designs that comes with it - see the banner at the top of http://www.pumpkinmasters.com for some familiar designs!


booked your book, ETA via amazon in dubai is jan 15/ 2008.

Duarte site was fantastic

Michael Schmidt

Garr, will your book be available in hardcover, or is it paperback only?

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