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November 25, 2007



Very cool, although I find the disadvantages of a video based preso outweigh the advantages (insofar as last minute changes, and any spur of the moment thoughts are concerned) I was nonetheless very impressed though. It really is all in the delivery. Bravo Marco.

Seth Godin used a similar system during his 3-minute talk at TED global in 2005.It was a great way of ensuring that he did not overrun his time slot. What I noticed was during the presentation, it was absolutely perfect, but in subsiquent views you could se that he was slightly behind his slides. Still, yotube or not, as presenters we need to be in it for the audience first...!


thanks for sharing the link. Good to see other Italians following your advice on how to make presentations.
Will your new book make it to Italy?



Wow, without the subtitles I would not have seen how brilliant Marco was, not only in the timing of delivery and presentation - but also in the smart choice of graphics and taking a journey from the skeptical to the commercial - and on the way pack so much in that is relevant to any individual out there who has the capacity to think original or at least adaptive thoughts.

I would love to develop the skills to pull that delivery off, it was meaningful - and ultimately where McLuhan's portend was chiefly "beware", Marco here comes from a different lens of how to appreciate the virtual and "involution" how the internet can be usefully applied.

William Gibson shouldn't get stick for inventing the word "cyberspace" and in a documentary I viewed about him, apparently he doesn't immerse himself in technologies that we would expect. Altogether this is worth another view because it is one of those things that packs so much in, that it can spark different thoughts depending where one watches it.

So I certainly appreciate Marco taking the time and effort to get this subtitled, the presentation was enough to push my buttons and broaden my own thoughts about it is I want to interact (and practical wisdom today is the great new personal choice of our age).



We BBP-ers have started a discussion at this link: http://snipurl.com/1ufo3
I have feelings that we are allowing charisma to overcome narrative... we may have lost in translation but I got the feeling that the myth got more emphasis than the debunking of the myth... which means that the call to action could be like the lead balloon. I love Italian style but...

Marco Montemagno

Hi Tartle!
Yes without all the images you loose the general meaning :(
Try to have a look to this video from the public point of view, where you can see all the images and let me know if something change in your perception: http://uploads.blip.tv/file/472471

Ciao :)

John Watkis

I think Marco did a brilliant job with his opening. His reference to "Matrix" set an excellent tone. He has a natural charisma, relaxed presentation style and knows how to interact with his audience.

All that being said, I'm wondering if he spent as much time on the wording of his speech as he did on the visuals. He must have rehearsed the presentation numerous times to sync it with the video. If the visuals had been used more sparingly (just for playing the videos) and the wording had received more attention, I think it could have been even more powerful.

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