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December 24, 2007


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I'm not a marketing guru. Nevertheless, in my small world I use mouth-to-ear communication about your blog and your book.


Merry Christmas and a Special 2008, Garr, your posts and ideas are an inspiration, and a fuse that sets off my imagination.

Allan W.

I think this book is going to be remembered as a defining moment of a movement, equivalent to the web-standards movement for the way it revitalized and reshaped web design. Can't wait to get my copy!

And, not a moment too soon - I'm set to put these ideas into practice in a presentation design seminar at my company next month.


Do let us know when you would be coming to dubai..

Dr Aini Murni

'CONGRATULATIONS to you for your new book. If you coming to Malaysia, do contact me.

Dr Aini Murni

This is the correct link to my blog


Hi Garr

Just wondering why Amazon.co.uk have the book listed as £20, but its only $19 at Amazon.com - a 100% premium for buying it in the UK!

Is there any way around this?


Dr. Murni -- I am sorry about that -- I wish it were not that way. In Japan too the book goes for about $32 (yen equivalent) rather than the $20 on Amazon.com which offers the 34% discount. Completely out of the author's hands. The discount -- or lack of one -- is up to Amazon. How about ordering from the publisher directly (Peachpit) or from Amazon.com (not sure what the shipping charges are). I am sorry that the book is more expensive outside the US.

Andrew Randall


My pre-ordered copy of PZ just arrived... congratulations and happy new year!

I used many of your principles in a presentation to an exec MBA group recently and it went down well. Looking forward to doing likewise in an internal company seminar soon.

Congrats again on the great achievement!

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