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January 24, 2008


John Watkis


Thanks so much for sharing this video. Bill Strickland's presentation isn't fancy, and his platform skills aren't polished, yet his message is powerful and impossible to ignore. He's the perfect example of how authenticity, more than anything else, makes your message worth listening to.

joe bruzzese

One of the best from the best (TED). Have you seen Sir Ken, also of TED? Truly brilliant as well. Thanks for sharing Bill with us. No doubt my readership at thinking-forward.com will enjoy the presentation.
Joe Bruzzese


Wow---thanks for sharing Garr. Unbelievably great presentation and message...am going to purchase the book tomorrow.

Charles Martineau

When I found that video that was posted few days ago one ted, I didn't know much about the guy. But when I first listened to it...WOW!. I did some work on my pc without even looking at the prez and only listen to his story and the music...its simply beautiful!


Hi Garr:

This gets you straight into the heart. Thanks for highlighting Bill and spreading the word. God knows we need more people like that. We have one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Vancouver, yet our downtown east side is a haven of poverty, drugs and crime. And we need something like what Bill is doing ...

Joe Hungler

Great post Garr. I work at a Boys & Girls Club and can truly appreciate what Bill Strickland has done. Thanks for pointing out a great presentation as well as an inspiring story.

I just bought your book. I didn't get it in time to read it carefully prior to a major presentation we were doing, but from reading your blog and others such as the Heath's and Seth Godin, we made it a point to center the presentation around a story. We eliminated the majority of bullets and included powerful pictures instead. Of course,thie was combined with good content. Not only did we get a great reception the day of the event, but our staff and the Gang Unit officer we partnered with have been asked to repeat the presentation before all the principals in the city as well as for the probation department. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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