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February 29, 2008


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Ali Servet Dönmez

Missing references to other talks?


As someone who knows Sir Ken and has had the privilege of speaking on the same stage as him (luckily not straight after - you definitely don't want to be following him), he has a engaging 'old school' style... number 5 & 6 are the biggest takeaways for me!

Thanks for the link love as well to our podcast we did with him, Gary - much appreciated.


MediaSnackers Founder

Seth Daire

I majored in Speech Communication in college, and I was taught to rehearse if possible, but mainly to know the material, so that I could just go up with a card that had bullet points, which also tends to make it more conversational. So, what Ken says lines up really well with that.

Michael Sporer

I really enjoy Sir Ken! I've watched his TED talk several times. And I just love his conversational style as it is very engaging.

Charles Martineau

The first time I heard about Sir Ken was at your presentation in osaka...we saw clip only but I remember going back at the dorm and listen to its ted speech and I got hooked to TED like crazy since then...so thx again for showing me Sir Ken!

**FYI... lately at school I am doing more and more prez for incoming student to school and I also organizing a conference..its worth it to learn great prez skills from you!**

Ali Servet Dönmez

Quote: "checkout the podcast interviews with Sir Ken Robinson below". Below where?

brian halligan

Thank you for exposing me to Sir Ken -- he is brilliant!

Btw, I think it is an unfair competitive advantage when you have a British accent. Sorry, people with British accents just sound smarter to Americans.

simonr - Curved Vision Presentations

Ali..... British accent? We don't have the accent.... Americans do! :)

Mitch Joel - Twist Image

I just spoke on the same stage as Sir Ken Robinson last week in New York City. This was my first time seeing him live, in person. I was so blown away by his TED Talk, that I cold not wait to see him live, and he does not disappoint.

His comfort level and knowledge of who was in the crowd was spot-on. He spoke for well over an hour, and had the audience on the edge of their seat for the full time.

He is a treasure. See him live if you can.

get money

Great to see you still blogging- enjoyed going through the last year’ s archives that I’ d missed!

public speaking myths

he really a nice man, a great adviser. I remember the first time i saw him i was so shock with the way he talk.

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