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March 29, 2008


Daniel Beck

Glad to hear you're coming back. Look forward to meeting you again!

Terri in Tokyo

very cool! I missed your last Tokyo presentation, very much looking forward to seeing this one, and getting the book.


I have been a pretty loyal reader of your blog for quite some time, and a big fan of yours. I have had a nagging question in my mind though for quite some time.

You do seem to give quite a lot of presentations in Japan. Is it because, the folks there are more design oriented, and interested in knowing more, or are there business interests in Japan, which take you there often? Or what is it, that draws you to Japan so often.

This is purely a curiosity question. :)


Jordan Trunner

I can achieve far extra than I've, and I'll, for why really should the miracle which developed me finish with my start? Why can I not lengthen that miracle to my deeds of in the present day?

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