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March 09, 2008


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I really couldn't watch it - Ballmer is just daunting and coarse.


I agree, it's probably the most entertaining talk by a MS rep ever. I'm even starting to appreciate Ballmer.. in a way.

Luis Fernando

I enjoyed the interview very much, although it gets a little too "funny" at some points. Seems that Guy was trying too hard to make to point that they were (still are?) enemies.

I especially disliked the "did u not hire me because u're racist?" Not called for.


if there's anyone more arrogant than balmer, it's guy. god is he an annoying person.

Joshua Prowse

There is a problem with the way this post displays for me in Google Reader. The problem is that there are 'euro' (currency) symbols smattered throughout the text. I've been reading Presentation Zen through Google Reader for a long time now and this is the first time that I've had this issue. I'd suggest that you look at the posts that you publish both in a feed reader and online. Just FYI.

Niko Neugebauer

Ballmer just got a couple of points in my opinion. Guy was as allways fantastic, but Steve really managed to stay on top, which i thought he was almost uncapable of.

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