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April 17, 2008


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I'm surprised this is posted here? It is neither a good presentation nor a valuable parody. Most mac parodies seem to portray mac fans as idiotic zealots and Steve Jobs as a hypnotist.

Steve Jobs is a talented presenter for exactly the opposite reason. Rather than buying into the elitism of techno mumbo-jumbo, he stays away from it. Jobs would never use the term composite matrix body like the video jokes. Such terms prove useless when speaking of functionality.

His presentations shy away from bullet points of features, and instead spend an inordinate amount of time demoing how it works. How it works is what really matters, especially in computing.

Just an odd choice of video for a post on this site.


See, and I found it great, just because it was a spoof of the ridiculousness of every Mac release as of late. I mean - it's a product with no real benefits, just features.

Obviously it's a joke, and should be taken as such.

Surprised to see College Humor on Presentation Zen! :) Hahaha, two sites I visit daily colliding? What's the world coming too?


It's a joke. But that's humor for you. I found it very respectful while still poking fun -- it is parody after all. Without ridiculous (and obvious) exaggerations where would the humor be found? My tongue was firmly planted in my cheek by the way (guess that wasn't obvious).

Jeff Hunsaker

Thanks for keeping it light, Garr. A nice change of pace!

Daniel, The Real Estate Zebra

That's good stuff, Garr. I enjoyed finding it here. My favorite line in the whole thing is, "the wealthier you are, the less expensive it'll seem." Classic.


amazing! his is an inspirational leader. thanks for the wisdom.... brad


Zzzz. These Steve Jobs parodies are always real snoozers. They *could* be funny, yet never are. Next.

You want a laugh, watch the unintentional hilarity of Bill Gates interviewed by Conan O'Brien at CES 2005.

Or Steve Ballmer every time he opens his mouth.

Now *that's* comedy gold!

Jon Thomas

I didn't like the bullet points on the slide about the metals!

Caroline Schneider

The bullet points are really bad but I liked how he managed to handle the remote subtly & unnoticeably. Very Steve-like.

David McQueen

Great! Love the humour Garr

Andy Weir

Dan the Zebra was right.


Yea, great details like lifting up his jeans before coming to the next point... I laughed out loud!

Bob Harvey - alias Tork & Grunt

The only thing funnier than this video was jarjac's comment. Why is it that irony works better on my (European) side of the pond? Keep them coming, Garr! Do you spend all day researching all this great stuff?

Tom R.

Funny. Yes. Point? No.

Garr Reynolds

>Funny. Yes. Point? No.

It makes some people have a good laugh...is not that enough of a point sometimes? I think it is.


The most disturbing part of the video was the idea that the diagonal of a square with side 1 inch is also 1 inch. Apparently, the Pythagorean Theorem hasn't caught on.

And speaking of geometry, was the nub really spherical?


Fun to watch!


Not even a good parody...
Try this one http://www.ijam.es/

Only in Spanish, though...


It must be a wintel dork that came up with this junk. Those twits that think mac fans are suckers for form. Mac users are purpose focused and experience aware.
Whatever about Jobs presentation skills, Apple innovates, Windows immitates..very badly

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