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April 12, 2008


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Michael Sporer


Great post! Check out a gentleman here is Scranton, PA who has an inoperable brain tumor. He is dedicating his life to helping others, and is quite inspiring.


Saraswathi Mukkai

Hi Garr,

A wonderful and inspiring post! Each day is indeed a lifetime. Randy Pausch's last lecture truly touched my heart.

This reminds me one of Mahatma Gandhi's anecdotes. Someone asked him: "What message would you give to people?" He answered back saying: "My life is my message".

Boris Gloger

I want to say: "Thank you!" I read your blog since about a year and you showed me many inspiring ideas, video and "presentations" -- this entry once again strikes a chord in me. What I see in your blog and in your presentations is the sense for emotions, for sensuality and for the intangible things that surround us. You contribute a lot to all of us by telling theses stories. Thanks. Boris


Zen Guitar is one of my favorite books of all time. Nice to find someone else who enjoys it as I do.

Luis Iturriaga

Dear Garr,

Randy's story is fantastic and inspiring in itself. And as you say to inspire others the story we live is very important. Besides Randy's story another one that has tocuhed me deeply is the one about the Hoyt Team (father and son). If you haven't heard of them here are some links to them:

They give speeches, I haven't seen one, but they certainly have an inspiring story just as Randy.

Thanks for posting Randy's Story.



Unbelievable. Now *that* is inspiration. *That* is a story. Words escape me...

Everyone has got to watch the Hoyt team story. Thanks so much Luis! -g

Michelle Nicol

Thanks for your own piece of inspiration. I'm just starting to put together a collection of poems based on my own trip to Japan last year. This morning I was working on a piece about the cherry blossom, which I was lucky enough to see in full bloom during my visit.
Ichi-nichi issho sums up the emotions of a wonderful day spent in Shinjuku Gyoen and Yoyogi Park, perfectly.


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