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April 14, 2008



I seam to remember reading something about the father having a heart condition that would have killed him if he wasn't in such a great shape.
In the end Rick saved his life.


Have you checked out "Story of Stuff" yet?


An excellent combination of story telling, animation and presentation.

Caroline Schneider

Again, this is very strong stuff. I guess this idea get's most of its stickiness by the emotional and story-telling aspects. Thanks for sharing. Makes me feel - umm - humble.


Garr, thanks for sharing.


Garr, thanks for sharing.

Luis Iturriaga


Thanks for posting the story, I belive your highly reviewed and visited blog will be a great exposition to their story.

Let's hope in the future each one of us have a great story to tell in our own lives. Certainly with Presentation Zen your writing your own particular story. Keep up the good work.


Pamela Slim

OK, your last two posts have kept me crying like a baby at my computer, when I should have been finishing a blog post.

Woo hoo! Sure puts things in perspective, doesn't it? Wonderful, inspirational stuff. Thanks for sharing.


Ed Brenegar

Their story captures the truth of the enrichment of self-sacrifice. thank you for sharing it.

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