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June 15, 2008


Angie Hullett

Great presentation at Voices That Matter! Completely insightful and eye-opening. Will you be making your VTM presentation slides available online? I'd love to show them to my boss and spread the Zen word internally at our organization.


Daniel Glez

Hi Garr,
I received today your book from Amazon. Since I'm having now mi final exams I haven't begin to read it yet, but if it is as well wrote as this blog, it will be very very interesting.

Chris H

Hi Garr - make sure you confirm the date and time you are at the Apple store!
That would be great!


Hi Garr,

When will you be in Osaka? I've been hoping to catch one of your talks.

public speaking tips

You know,I'm longging to attend one of your presentations,and I hope to make a world wide tour to all the major cities in the world including paris.


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