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June 10, 2008


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T. Benjamin Larsen

Saw those business cards on Guy's site and love the look.

I'm not sure it's the smartest design decision though. If the main point is to sell Guy's name, then by all means it does that perfectly. (Not that he need it though!) ;)

I do find however that a lot of people flick through their collection of Business Cards to find someone that can help them with... something.

Therefore: WHAT YOUR BUSINESS IS ABOUT is probably what should be communicated most clearly. Also, a lot of people use the back side of the cards to make notes which means double sided printing might not be in the recipient's interest...


Hey there,

I'm consistently amazed at the quality of your pictures. Which camera do you use and do you prefer?


Ric Bretschneider

Reply to T. Benjamin Larsen

Guy's business card has his web sites on the back, alltop, trumors, etc. It's a pretty effective, and bold, presentation, even if you don't know Guy...


T. Benjamin Larsen

Thanks Ric, makes a lot more sense then. It certainly draws attention. As I mentioned earlier though, a lot of people will just flick through their cards to find one that deals with whatever task they have at hand. Most people wouldn't stop for 'T. Benjamin Larsen' no matter how bold the font was. But I'll refrain from further hijacking of these comments. ;)

I only know Guy and from the stuff I've read and seen on the web. Effective and bold seem to fit. ;)


Mmmmm.... Looks like a Meat Jun Plate from Gina's BBQ. I'm jealous.

Kare Anderson

Re your 30 sec video
- that's especially amazing to me after hearing from friends and family about the continuing rain in oregon... you must have brought your aloha weather...

- another fan of presentation zen

Corey Molinelli

Where do you get your story board pads from? I have been looking at any store even comic shops and cant find any the ones I find on line are large and not really what I wanted, what you show in the photo looks more like what I am looking for. something I can travel with easily.

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