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July 19, 2008


Don Campbell

I just picked this book up last week because I was reading in "The Pixar Touch" that the Pixar team attended McKee's seminar early on and used many of his principles in their films.

I'm fascinated with storytelling and exploring the subject with my 9 year old daughter now - it's such and important life skill; in both business and personal settings. Thanks for the great summary and perspective on this Garr!

Andy Breeding

I recommend the abridged audiobook version of McKees book as recommended by Kevin Kelly in this article:


It truly was great listening to this...


Matthew Bennett

Great post Garr, thanks. Inspired me to go and read more about Mckee and I found these two articles which are relevant if anybody's interested:




Thanks for this really interesting post. I think that part of being a good leader is the ability to connect with your audience. Story telling can be a really great way to do this as it enables you to stir the emotions of others and to take them on a journey with you. Of course there are times when facts are more appropriate too (perhaps in times of crisis) but storytelling should be something every good leader has in their tool bag.



Garr, I followed the link you provided to the interview with Robert in the The Age online site. I was VERY excited to see he was doing a three day course right here in Melbourne in mid-August ... just a few weeks away. There is a ph number to book ... and it's only $600 !

I excitedly call the number, credit card in hand and guy at that number doesn't have a clue what I'm talking. I reload the page to tell him how The Age has *his* ph number published as the booking number for McKee's seminar .... and only then notice that the article is from 2004 !

What's that thing Homer Simpson always says ....

- Dean

Don Campbell

@Matthew Bennett - thanks for the additional links. I enjoyed those articles too.

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