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July 18, 2008



oh how you will enjoy inbox zero. a huge weight off your shoulders, once you start thinking about emails like you do phone calls...

where can i find out information regarding you soing speaking engagements?

Paul M.

Thanks for another great video by Sir Ken Robinson. Great thinker with a natural sense of humour. Are you planning to visit the UK any time soon?


I love this guy!! (Referring to Ken, but you too Garr : )) I've been to a lot of government 'innovation' talks in the UK recently which encompass this very subject_reforming education. Looking forward to a time when they stop talking and start doing!
Thanks for sharing.

Lauren Vargas

As a marcom professor who also teaches university speech, I use Sir Ken's Ted talk as an example of great presentation!


An excellent speaker, although his all style little substance approach was akin to the best politicians. He was tramendously enjoyable to watch and give a few hints towards the kind of radical education I agree with - but failed to specifically say what he believes in.

He said that, looking at history, compulsary education was born out of the industrian revolution and to fuel it. That's entirely true and well known (among education schalors at least). And that this type of education might be systemically crushing the most important goals of what education should be - again I'd agree. He says the solution is a focus on creativity - which suggests what other scholars also say, what Neill calls focussing on the child (rather than goals of industry). However he never says exactly how he thinks this can be done. He says he wants transform rather than reform. He suggests that Blairs approach was a total failure. but yet fails to say what he means. Where's the meat? Personally I agree with his sentiments and would argue A.S. Neill and others have already shown us the path to a child/creativity centred education. There's would be the best model to copy.

There are also ideological goals behind industry and therefore industrial education. That of teaching children to know their place in a social order, don't question authority etc. While we may want creativity and child centred education 'the powers that be' certainly don't want these values to be lost, they don't want to encourage values that might lead to greater social justice. Best to keep people dumbed down. George Carlin suggests this is the reasons education will never change and he may be right. Perhaps this guy knows all this and it's too 'radical' a message for his audience?


Geoffroi Garon

Thanks for this great video by Sir Ken Robinson about our future learning society.

I also see the video of your conference at Google about how to create great presentation ! Very helpfull. I also bought your book Presentation Zen. :-) Very nice. (and Made to stick). I'll use them to prepare my next conference at the end of septembre 2008 ! :-)


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I wanna say that before any presentation that I deliver,I do some visualization,and this helps a lot to inticipate what is honna take place,my feelings,my response to their questions and so on.....


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Jon Lees

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Thanks for this great video by Sir Ken Robinson about our future learning society.

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