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August 21, 2008


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Kevin Hougham

If you are serious about resolution quality and smooth movement across still images, take a look at Wings 3.6 from AV Stumpfl

Its roots lie in the old slide projector control days, but this stuff is magnificent. You can use either standard sized screens (ie. 1024 x 768) or a custom size (10,000 x 1,500) and use multiple projectors with Wings creating the soft edge masks. Wings is a display medium, not an authoring environment, so slides need to be created in Photoshop. Handles still images, audio tracks, video tracks, and control tracks (for speaker support).

They offer a standard version for free (one audio, one video, one image track. Full functionality is around $1,000.

Presentations out of Wings are just luscious. I don't sell it, I just use it for speaker support. More work than something like PowerPoint, but the results are stunning (and you never, ever, have to show the desktop on your screen).

If it is an important presentation, where visual quality matters, it might be worth the extra effort. This is bigger in Europe than it is in the US.

Allison Daskal Hausman

I've had great success using Fotomagico. It allows you to efficiently put together an AV slideshow while preserving a lot of control. Here's an example of a retrospective piece for the nonprofit, Education Development Center. After we put together the basic production, we added more sophisticated graphics on the MOV file in After Effects.



Man, Ken Burns has some weird hair.


I wish I could point to an example, but I have seen some videos that take a still image, apply a slow pan+zoom, and slowly stretch the background of the still image to draw emphasis on an object in the foreground. What is this technique called? Does it use compositing? What tools do this?

I have one slide that I planned on using iMovie to get the Ken Burns effect, but Wings looks very interesting and I will check it out. Thanks Kevin!


Ah... its called the Dolly Zoom



Hi, there is a very good new add on for Power Point called pptPlex.

Probably, you are already aware of it.



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Regarding your post, here below an example of what and how much a without Hollywoood effects presentation can convey...:

Outstanding photography and deep simplicity are the keys.


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Have enjoyed using the Fotomagico, thanks for the tip.

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