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August 25, 2008



I haven't got to page 140 yet, but it would appear great minds do think alike. I have been preaching the billboard comparison for a long while now.

Its a shame how easy an idea it is, but hard to get a client to buy into.

Even with my brilliant analogy of creating builds like the old Burma Shave billboards.


This is simply brilliant.

Thanks, Garr.

Rajan Rishyakaran

Wow, Japan is expensive. I know it's not your point, but those plastic cups cost approx 40¥ in Singapore.

Jim L

Best post ever!


To the "Why are you there?": perhaps because the topic of my presentation is more involved than a couple of colorful cups?

I would like to see your approach to presenting a think like a complex algorithm and its theoretical properties and do it in this cool style.


I had my first IKEA experience a few days ago. Most of their signage followed the billboard design--simple, quick comprehension, and well done. It was a welcome contrast to the physical space of the crowded, overwhelming store.

Dan Markovitz

This post reminds me of my all-time favorite billboard. It was for the Honda Odyssey, and they wanted to communicate that this minivan had four doors (as opposed to the sliding doors of most minivans).

The ad showed a giant picture of the Odyssey, with the following text above it: "Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam."

Succint. Simple. Able to be read at 70mph.

Susanna Carter

More great examples. My presentations have improved a 1000% since getting your book and reading your blog. What an inspiration!
Thanks Garr


This is a great informational text on Ikea slide-ology! It really pulled me in to read it. And that's the thing I love about this. The one thing I don't like is the Ad's and it really bugs me because it makes me want to view the Ad's instead of your text but great try and try better next time!

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