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September 30, 2008



I've been a huge fan since the first season. They are fantastic and deserve all the focus they receive.


I was late into them too and bought the box DVD set of the first season and LMAO all the way.

One technique they employ often and to great (comic) effect Garr has spoken about before is pacing. They use silence and awkward pauses along with close ups of looks between the various actors to great effect and with complete confidence and calculation.

In that respect it's an anti-sitcom approach of the usual rapid fire dialogue and laugh track ... btw that in itself (the lack of a laugh track) is another conscious creative decision that builds interest and tension.

These guys are super-smart on so many levels

- Dean

Robin Capper

I think it's kind that my local station, Radio Live New Zealand, use "Business Time" to intro their drivetime Business & Finance report :-)

Dan Hrstich

I am a teacher at Jemaine's old school of Makoura College in Masterton. I was also a student teacher at Brett's old school of Wellington College.

We are hoping that both will play at the school in December for the 40th anniversary of Makoura College. Jemaine said that they will try and be there.

We are proud of them.

Stephen Lead

It probably won't teach you anything about presentations, but if you like Antipodean musical comedy you should check out Tim Minchin.

All of his songs are funny, most are quite dirty, and he has great comic timing. Check him out on YouTube then buy his DVD!


"Business Time below was made into a slicker music video, but this simple analog version is better."

I agree and also prefer their live stuff (although am also looking forward to watching the first season on DVD). They're amazing!

loan reference

I also agree that is simple analog version.

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