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September 02, 2008



Forget Obama! He can't speak without a telepromter. Check-out Sarah Palin's speech delivery. All from the heart and she has a real life story. What a great positive and articulate speech. Even Democrats admired her speech capabilities.


Oyvind Solstad

And here are the words he used:



Mike: check out Obama's speech to his campaign staff shortly after he won the nomination - he's very good without a teleprompter.


Joey Asher

Nice Post. I agree that Obama's speech was excellent. Great observation about how writing his own speeches makes it easier for him to come across as fluid while reading a teleprompter.

Joey Asher

Coen Wit

and for all of you not using IE, here's the speech on youtube:

(I don't understand that if you want to reach all people you're gonna make a site that doesn't support all browsers)


Oyvind- the video is not working, probably because any video of Obama speaking well without a prompter or a prepared speech is a fake.


>and for all of you not using IE

You do not need IE. I'm using Safari and Firefox -- both work. You need two plugins however.

Corey Molinelli

He is great at making a speech he is very passionate. BUT they are kind of like sermons, and they are so vague they dont say anything really just a lot of talk. and no i am not making a political statement here, I think he makes great speeches they are just talk though



"a fact that his son Michael Reagan eluded to today"

Maybe he alluded to that fact, no ? Or is it an i(a)llusion :-)


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