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October 03, 2008



Thanks for sharing this video, as well as the book. In my work as a trainer and communicator, I have learned that passion for your audience, for your subject matter and your work goes such a long way in helping you reach people. The video exemplifies someone who, through passion and story can and does evoke an emotional reaction in his audience ... and in video viewers!

Martin Tolley

I echo the previous thanks. As a Brit I don't get to see much of this sort of political speech making. GB political speeches are so much less inspiring. After a recent national political conference here TV commentators were (on screen) leafing through printed versions of a speech to find what the speaker had actually said! The words and the emotion in this extract work so well together, I particularly like the use of a lengthy non-repeating list to build to a climax, that it becomes almost impossible to forget the message. Thanks again for sharing this.

Claudio Perrone

This is an incredibly effective speech which really shows the power of story to persuade and inspire.
The theme is racism (towards Obama); the real setting of the story is his familiar hometown in modern days, a "dying place" as he describes and dramatizes; as often happens, the "antagonist" is a familiar individual who has much in common with the protagonist but chose a different path. Brilliant!
I loved the speaker's rhythm of his speech. The structure of the story is also exemplar. Once again, it is a perfect reminder to us all that to convincingly persuade on a general concept you need to zoom into a specific and concrete situation. Thanks for sharing.


WoW. I really like the second part where he jumps to the future and looks back. A real top spin!


I don't know why you should dance around the content of this speech: 'not for everyone'. Why ever not? I think it should be mandatory listening. And his old-school style is something people reject in favour of the smooth technocrat. Which doesn't really convince anyone, does it?


Impressive, powerful, compelling and inspiring

And the last 60 seconds is absolutely mind blowing.


Sounds like some one is made he isn't getting his union dues. This guy is a thug. Stuck in the 1900's.

Mark Carbone

Funny, I see this guy as a thug as well. He probably makes racist comments all the time. Sorry, I'm judging. He lost me when he said Obama is a Christian just like you and I. That was over the top.

This guy shows that he is passionate about keeping his job and he'll say whatever it takes and pull the race card to get his point across.

Yes, it's a good example of passion and that's the key to success at presenting.

My gripe is that you are a socialist I suspect. You didn't need to bring your politics into this unless you have substance.

He is worse than George Bush. Obama is a great divider. We need someone who will bring America together. He will polarize our country.

He knows nothing about business yet the bias media has convinced us that he does. He's never run anything, let alone balance his checkbook.

This is serious. The most important election of our life times. This isn't a joke. Just because you are pro abortion and pro socialism doesn't justify a vote for him.

Obama's a bigger divider than Bush was. That is what we need to focus on. We need results now. No more playing President.

I'll Keep My Money, You Keep The Change

A Democrat giving a speech to his own Democrat party: "If you don't vote for Obama, you're a racist" Yeah, great political party. Demothugs. We want our labor dues! Ha,ha,ha!

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