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November 03, 2008


Jan Schultink

It's interesting to see how blog writing, or online posting in general, starts to change offline writing in a positive way.

Many business writers can learn from people like Kawasaki. Many newspapers and magazines can still learn as well.

John Spence

Garr, I picked up "Reality Check" last Thursday and read it on a flight day from Delaware back to Florida, a super enjoyable read. The forward 2.0 by the fake Steve Jobs -- absolutely priceless! Also love all of the fantastic interviews with extremely interesting people. I agree with you Garr, for a young entrepreneur who is getting ready to start a business there is absolutely no better book they could invest their time or money in. For those of us who've already started six or seven businesses, still filled with great information and lots of superb ideas. I have tremendous respect for Guy, he is a true leader in the field, and this book is a wonderful compilation of some of his best thinking and most sage advice. Keep up the great work Garr -- as always your posts are excellent. Take good care -- John Spence

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