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November 26, 2008



Garr, thanks as always for sharing this. Apart from the intelligent concept of girleffect.org the kinetic typography preso is super. I am going to develop one of my own right now. ((And among us musicians - isn't the idea of (dramatic pause) with the pause in the music just brilliant?))

Kathryn Deiss

Thanks Garr, for this extraordinarily powerful use of fonts and motion. It is a presentation where the design serves the message - makes the message felt. Wow!



This really blew me away! I'm also a big fan of using images and ridding the world of bullet points, but this dynamic use of font and music shows that words alone can be powerful. Words can inspire, words can lead us to visualize. Thanks for sharing.

Jan Schultink

I really like this style of presentation. My practical problem is that I find it extremely hard (impossible) to produce in the slideware tool that I use: PPT. I am bound by PPT because my clients use it to edit presentations...

- Using sophisticated fonts is difficult, they always show up wrong on another computer
- PPT is not good for "precise" animations

I have to leave kenetic typography (like the term) to the pros...

The other question for discussion is how good kinetic typography will work in a standup presentations? Videos, online SlideShares, great. But in other situations? Does it only work in a high-space presenter-not-present "video" style? If the answer is "no" we might finally have found an application for truly useful animations in presentations

Christian Lindig

Excellent use of typography. As a darker example, here is a scene from Pulp Fiction using similar techniques: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqc4FqvXlKs. The discussion on YouTube also revolves around production of such an animation.

Jamie Lorimer

I was totally transfixed by the way the message was conveyed using kinetic typography. If I had an important message to convey I would use such a technique as you really do take on board what is being said - it's absorbing! Reminds me very much of the John Lennon vid that was on here a while back.

As for other examples, the following link has some good examples. I really like the Oceans Eleven scene. The movie entiled "Typography" puts a nice spin on the design of fonts, etc: http://www.marcofolio.net/video/15_stunning_motion_typography_videos.html

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