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November 13, 2008



Watched and love the presentation. Thanks Garr, I love being part of your tribe. BTW, did you do the slides above or were they are part of Brown's presentation? They look very good.

Jan Schultink

Great summary of the video.

My former employer has interviewed Tim for the McKinsey Quarterly (published last week): http://www.mckinseyquarterly.com/Strategy/Innovation/Lessons_from_innovations_front_lines_An_interview_with_IDEOs_CEO_2185

Garr Reynolds

The slides are from Tim's prezo. You can see them near the end.

Mike Fladlien

On so many levels, this video made me a better teacher. This one blog will motivate my law students for a week when we begin contract law. I can see several applications where my students can be free to analyze case law. Seth Godin talks about the Peter Principle in his book as the fear that makes on incompetent. This is the first point made in this video. From this video, I have learned how to let go on some of my fear when attacking a new project. Thanks so much!


I won't have the time to watch this before next wednesday but I'm looking forward to it. I notice that in times like these (where people fear the results of the financial crisis) they are fearless, i.e. more willing to run the lesser "risk" -- to be creative.

Andy @ Retire at 40

At one of my previous jobs, I had to program a multi-million pound satellite. When we got the first prototype board, the first program I made it do was one which made some red LED lights on the side of the board flash … but instead of doing it randomly or one by one, I made it go in pairs from the outside-in and out again. It was exactly like 'Kit' in the Night Rider programmes.

I told my brother I did this so I could learn about the prototype model and that playing was the best way to learn something. He had started laughing at my way before my explanation and way afterwards too :-)

Daniel Beck

The content was good. However, I was more distracted by the computer than Garr was. It wasn't quite a deal-breaker, but it kept me from sharing it with others. It wasn't just the location, but it was clear that he was depending on it too much.

Again, the content was good. I would like to see Dan Pink do a presentation at TED. Has he done one there before?

Mark Valmont

While I agree with the kernel of the presentation and the idea, it must be said that this level of
“play” can only exist in a perfect world. The VAST majority of companies, weather they consider themselves innovators or not, are not in the business to foster this behavior. It is idealistic to imagine that a for profit company will support this in more than word alone.
Sorry to say profit is motive. The correct spin would be a “long term profit realized through this level of creativity.” This being said, a company may talk long term, but they ALL think short term.

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