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November 16, 2008



Oh damn he's going for the water, this is like Quantum of Solace all over again!

Heh, kidding aside, this was a very powerful presentation. A concrete message and powerful visuals. He got me, thats for sure!

On a related question: is there a way to do animated graphs from PP or keynote? The ability to present the data progressively seems very useful.


Hey Garr,
Using your blog to push a particular political viewpoint perhaps? While I agree with your politics, it would be nice to see some presentation analysis on things you don't agree with.
Why don't you start with why Triumph of the Will is a brilliant (and influential) piece of work and work your way down?

Gary Smith

Thanks for putting up this presentation.

I had no idea we were importing this much oil. It's rediculous. And I applaud anyone that is working on the solutions instead of the problem.

I loved the presentation style...slides, pictures, graphs, and whiteboard. Still trying to figure out how to do all that cool stuff myself.

The whiteboard was a good touch as it was more personal...more like a professor would teach.

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