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December 23, 2008


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Design is powerful tool to change.
Garr, do you have any prediction about 2009 powerpoint design revolution?


I am in Salem and grew up in Bandon. Let me tell you...it is crazy. My husband and I went to Seaside last week. Lots of snow there. Really. Almost 6 inches or so only to come home on Saturday to come home to an ice storm and nearly a foot of snow today. That's here in Salem! It's supposed to be worse in Portland. Be prepared! And, have a wonderful trip.

Phil Weber

Garr: I live in the Pearl District, just North of downtown Portland. Let me know if you'd like to meet while you're in town. Have a safe trip!


I just noticed Nancy Duarte had written about Marty's book to today over at slideology. We must be on the same wave length :-)

And yes, if I make it to Portland, I may be up for meting at a local pub downtown if anything is open Dec 24th. Love to see anyone who could make it. -g

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