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December 14, 2008


Alan Schmitt

Thanks for sharing these movies, they're amazing.

Would you have a tool to recommend to build a kinetic type movie or presentation?

Matthias Daues

Hello Garr, hello fellow readers, the higher resolution flash-version is still out there. You can find the file "merryxmas.swf" at "http://nervousrat.com/merryxmas.swf".

Regards, and a merry christmas to you and your families,



@Alan Schmitt

Usually thay are using Adobe After Effects.

Here you can find tutorials:

Jakub G

Alan Schmitt

Thanks for the link. Seems awfully complex...


It's a great clip and I fully support it's intentions but does anyone else find the numbers on water hard to believe ?

'Only' $10 Billion to fix drinking water WORLDWIDE? That seems incredibly low considering how big a problem this is.

Also, US450 Billion per year on Xmas in the US ? Granted I have not been to the US at Xmas, but that equates to $1,500 per man woman and child for the entire population ... really ?

- Dean

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