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December 10, 2008


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Simon Back

Awesome presentation, I love how he is jumping around all over the show. One might think that it is a potentially distracting technique, but in context it works so well. I occasionally give wine tastings and moving around a bit in the venue keeps people on their toes. Zander was in South Africa earlier this year and I gave the talk a miss, but now I am kicking myself!


Wow! I challenge anyone to sit down and watch this presentation and not smile. This is the most uplifting and interesting presentation I've seen in a long time. It's the kind of moving presentation that keeps you smiling the next day as well.

I've watched a lot of the TED presentations but had never seen the POP!Tech ones - so I checked out a few others as well. One person who I think is a fantastic presenter that I don't hear mentioned very often (as a presenter, that is) is Thomas Friedman. I recommend checking out that presentation on POP!Tech as well.

Michael Lowstetter

Garr! Fantastic! I am a possibility thinker, but this gave even me a jump start. Thanks for highlighting this. The mechanics of the presentation were just amazing, but the content was the real star! To be a excellent presenter we must have both.

I am for sure passing this along to my staff and others in my community. Thanks!

Mike Fladlien

I love this man...I have studied his work and brought his ideas into my classroom...Thanks to this site, I have become a better teacher...

Jenny Ashby

Zander makes connections with his audience and we as teachers have to make connections with our students. You have presented so much that will act as a springboard to more learning. You give a little and yet inspire so many to continue learning. Lucky I have the summer vacation to investigate the many links you provide and then take this back next year to share with my peers. Yes you feed like a bird and poop like and an elephant. Thankyou!

Mike Fladlien

I have watched this video numerous times to gain insight into Dr. Zander's style. I teach business classes and I have found that these techniques can be used in a business discipline.

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