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December 18, 2008


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Michael Marlatt


As usual, fantastic tips. I am aspiring to do the "right" things when creating presentations but I always seem to be falling short of a few principles.

Thanks for the great tips...

Teaching Kids Yoga

Thanks for the tips - very useful for blogging too.

My favorite: #6 -Negative Space, it makes reading a blog so much easier when there are paragraphs with spaces between.

I've pondered the question of font size too and what is most easy for the eye to read. Any suggestions around this?

- Aruna


Hi Garr,

I'm lookingo forward to read any/some of the books you recomend, spacially about design. Can you PLEASE categorize them? I mean, if I only could read one book (or 2 or 3), which one should I star with?

Thanks for your blog


I look at rule #1,3,4,5 & 6, then I look at the cover of the book.

Serhiy Kostyshyn

Garr, would you please fix #2: "Speak with ONE visual voice" – it's crucial for understanding the point.
And thanks, the former book seems to be truly interesting.

Michael Eury

Will get this book, thanks for the review.

Have got Tim Samara's new book "Design Evolution ....", it is a really good design resource through its use of concrete examples and case studies to illustrate design principles.


Great blog. Very inspiring.
How do you keep up the rythm? Amazing!
hello Garr,
One thing struck me as quite surealist "speak with a VISUAL VOICE"

Could tell us how you do that, i'd like to hear about it, or see how it sounds!
Do you mean miming or articulating exagerately? (just kidding)



I'll have to look into these books.

Etienne Chabot

Garr, since Guy Kawasaki recommended your book, I bought it, read it and started to implement its concepts in my daily work. It changed my life. Literally. I recently started my own blog on Marketing Strategies for Small and Medium Size Businesses. I just did a post to highlight all the benefits your book have provided to me. My blog is in French and English but I think your book has been translated recently. My readers will be able to order it in its French version if required.

Thanks again for all these insights!

Etienne Chabot

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