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December 17, 2008


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Julio César


I attended the webinar from Mexico City and it started in sync but after lesson 6 something happened and went out of sync...

Anyway, I simply listened to what you were saying and I was OK. Great presentation!

Obviously, I will use the tips and guidance you provided, it's great to learn from you (as always!)

Much appreciated.

Simon - presentations trainer in the UK

I think this is the first time I've been at odds with a post here for such a long time I can't remember it!

Okay, I'm not saying the film wasn't clever but I'm very far from convinced that it was anything other than a gimmick. It works precisely because it's not the usual way of doing things (and that's good, if not great!) but that automatically rules it out from being 'mainstream'... imagine if every film/presentation was made like that!!! :(


John Januszczak

Garr, my experience was like Julio's - I went out of sync (quite badly) at about lesson 6. I attended from Toronto and my connection is broadband and fast. I suppose it was an excellent test for a good presentation: if I have heard/read you correctly for the last while, the slides themselves are not the presentation, the presentation is the presentation. The slides are a tool for helping communicate a message, not the message itself. Maybe one metric is that a presentation should still make sense if the slides are unavailable!

I listened along, and I think it passed such a metric. Thanks for the lessons.

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