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January 23, 2009


MArco Atzberger

did you change your typeface creatively in this post or is it just serious play?



Why an Iphone app. Why not just make a normal Mobile Mark up app. Good technologists will resist giving Apple any type of monopoly.

Specially with their premium pricing racket.


"No one is obliged to be a genius, but everyone is obliged to participate." 

But will any of you actually "participate" by doing as Starck suggests?...

"...there is a minimum of exercise (...) every morning now, because you are a good mutant, you will raise your angle of view."

...Raising the eyes has been taught by sages for millennia and, if diligently practiced, you will experience the "intelligent mutation" of which Starck speaks. Artists have also portrayed it, as in this 15th c. example:


And a four-minute video presentation of more such art and quotes is here:


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