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January 16, 2009


David McQueen

I wish you guys were in the UK

Ken Burgin

Make sure you get your timing right Garr - we want to see all the slides! Just saying...(saw you in Sydney)


Portland would love to see you. Edward Tufte packed the room, you probably can too.

Art Johnson

I'd like to go to either presentation/reboot OR the Duarte workshop. I saw the agenda for the workshop and it looks very hands on. Will presentation/reboot be structured similarly? 125 attendees seems to be quite a few. Will there be breakouts or activities?

Art Johnson


Hi Art,

The seminars at Duarte will have fewer people in the room -- that is a good thing for many people. Presentation Reboot will have good networking too (oh, and I'll be there :-) ) The seminars at Duarte's head office are awesome too. You can't lose either way. Cheers! -g

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