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February 02, 2009


Jon Thomas

Enjoy TED! You know many of your readers are extremely jealous.


I can't exactly put my finger on why, but I have to say I find deGrasse's style artificially animated and contrived, so I have a great deal of difficulty listen to him speak.

Robert Brown

From your link near the top "when he uses them", I loved this bit towards the end:

'One interesting story that came up was a TV interview that Tyson had recently done. He was asked by the reporter "How can you justify spending 3 billion on a trip to Saturn in these times?" Tyson said he corrected him by pointing out that first that amount was spread out over 12 years so it was really only about 300 million a year and that was actually less money than Americans spent on lip balm. This left the interviewer at a loss for words and he just turned the mike back to the other reporter. Tyson related that as he was leaving the studio that he was unaware that the interview had been piped to the exit area of the Rockefeller Plaza and that when he left he was greeted by applause and people waving their lip balm and shouting "We want to go to Saturn." Way to go Neil!'

Being able to put very large (or very small) numbers into perspective so that literally the man on the street can understand them, is an essential part of presenting technical information.

John Spence

I found these interviews and talks by Neil incredibly entertaining and educational. When I see him talk I feel I'm looking at is someone who:

A. Is profoundly passionate about the subject.

B. Is extremely intelligent.

C. Has spent more than 20 years of his life in rigorous intellectual examination of the subject of his study... but possibly more important, due to his years on mountain tops staring at the skies in the dark, the chance to really think about his thoughts and what they mean to him -- in a way that allows him to verbalize them in a very deep, meaningful and connected way. To me it is only individuals who have had this level of introspection and study on a topic that can say such profound and enlightening things seemingly off the top of their head. A real joy to see his passion and dedication to a topic he feel so deeply about. John Spence

Rajat Jayn

Looking forward to you speaking at TED, Garr.
Please put up the link soon.

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