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February 15, 2009


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Jeff Weir

Great demo. It was kinda weird that the audience goes wild over the math example, and over the music example, but is deathly quiet over the word game example. Was this due to the editing, or are we really that obsessed with math and music at the expense of language?

Eric Tonn

Agreed re: the crowd's reactions. I could see myself being entertained for hours with the word formations. As a former Lego addict, the idea of Siftables is amazingly intriguing. I can't wait to see if/how/when this technology rolls out to the public.

Linda Varone

The Siftables concept is intriguing. But at this point - for creativity - it imposes too many restraints. The charming little boy who was creating the cartoon story was limited by the moon/sun/orange tractor available to him. Some times simple tools like paper and pencil. or even better, paper and crayons open up a world of possibilities. Maybe left to his own imagination the little boy would have added a train to the scene rather than an orange tractor, or a giraffe rather than tow cats. This application may be good to teach reading, but gets in the way of a child's limitless imagination.

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