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February 20, 2009


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Mark Dyck

Thanks for the post and videos, Garr. I'll be re-watching the videos with my son tonight spur him along his journey with the trumpet!

You're dead on academics and art are a false choice. I'm encouraged that our local school board is starting to talk more about education for the 'creative age.' I often wonder how we in Canada feel that the choice is due to economics -- as if we can't afford both. How preposterous!



Thanks for telling us of this!

You are exactly right with your final comments, about the education system taking away the arts, the creativity, the lessons that hard work is rewarding, that 'you have to fail before you can succeed'. In fact, they even take away the creativity, the joy, and the beauty of the 'academic' subjects they _do_ teach: I strongly urge everyone to read "A Mathematician's Lament" by Paul Lockhart:

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