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March 08, 2009



You'll have to do a follow up, If you only had 500 words to wow the judges.

Days fly by fast when you're obsessing about The Best Job In the World and trying to write a witty yet informative yet eye catching essay with only 500 words to work with.


Sebastiano Mereu

clare's video resume is absolutely my favorite one, and mitchell should really be on stage! great job.

Michael Sporer

It seems that the ones at the top were more about their passion than about themselves. All of them were great and very creative.

Oliver (ReThink Presentations)

They're all really cool. I like Mitchell's a lot, because the whole clip was one long scene, which must've been hard to do; they probably had to take a lot of takes. Anny was really cool and funny and I think Ben's craziness and outgoing style will make him fit the job really well.


Denise Young

Mitchell wins my vote. Just spectacular. Love the tongue in cheek opening about Canada being too cold.


Mitchell and Ben were definitely my favs.

Mitchell's was definitely sticky, whether the job suited him or not.
With Ben, I felt he could handle the job without a problem and make blog readers keep coming back.

The key, for me, was that the person didn't seem rushed in their 1 minute. One PZ blog entries talked about "go deep or go broad". The entries that tried to do both didn't fly with me.
The people who left me wanting more were the ones I'd call in for an interview. If I can know everything about you (or feel that I do) in a minute...there's not much there.

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