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April 14, 2009


Kevin Rossen

You mentioned you don't recommend Presenter View for this type of room. Would you apply this same principle to preachers in mid-to-large sized churches? If so, what view do you recommend?

Aaron @ Lawyerist

TED speakers really are the masters of great presentations. Amazing how many examples of public speaking best-practices come from TED.

Jan Schultink

I agree with your analysis of this presentation.

This talk contains 2 presentations: 1 about the need to get rid of oil-powered cars quickly, and 1 about the solutions Shay is suggesting to make it possible.

The latter part is snowed under a little bit. Battery swaps, blanket-coverage of electricity sockets, mobile phone-style charging schemes and subsidies; they all get mentioned briefly but are somewhat rushed. This is actually a presentation that would have benefited from more time.

This story is crying out for visuals that can emphasize its points.

I read a lot in the Israeli press about Shai's initiative (as the almost-CEO of SAP he is a local celebrity here), but none of the old-media newspaper articles managed to capture the scale of the operation he is putting in place. Funny I am learning about it in a TED talk recording, and not over my morning coffee in Tel Aviv.


Hi Garr! Shai like you said really delivered an extraordinary talk, with or without visuals, but one thing we must remember is "preparation & experience". Finding out more about him and watching more videos, he has delivered this talk thounsands of times! the same lines, same jokes.

Prepare, prepare, prepare.


Nice presentation by Shai indeed.
I also am converted to using Keynote now because of that customizable view.

BTW, I noticed you were on the 2009 ACCJ directory cover with the word passion really big on the screen. I remember that presentation!

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