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April 09, 2009



Hi Garr,

thank you for the post. I haven't seen all of it yet (it's over 2 hours long, so I'm gonna watch it on saturday afternoon or so), but I like the video because it's a mix of a lot of different speakers and I always enjoy watching and analyzing different types of presenters (I just did this in my last post on my blog http://www.rethinkpresentations.com/presentation-triangle-design-content-delivery/). You can see what works, what doesn't, what's boring, what's exciting.

Though Scott Guthrie uses waaay too many bullet points. And maybe there are a tad bit too many presenters? E.g. in comparison, Steve Jobs in his keynote speeches would introduce some new product highlights of his company and maybe invite 2-3 other speakers; but at MIX09 there's a long line-up of presenters and products.



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